Below is a simple conversion tool that allows you to convert Kilobytes (KB) to Gibibytes (GiB).

Simply enter the Kilobytes (KB) value into the first field and press the “convert” button to convert to Gibibytes (GiB).

Definition of a Kilobyte

A kilobyte (KB) is like a small digital box that can hold a certain amount of information. In most cases, it can hold about 1024 tiny pieces of information. These tiny pieces of information is called “bytes”.

1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes ( Kilobyte in SI and base 10 (decimal) )


1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes ( Kilobyte in base 2 (binary) )

But why 1024, you ask?

Well, computers use a binary system, which means everything is based on powers of 2, and 1024 is 2 raised to the power of 10.

Now, sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with internet speeds or hard drive sizes, people might say a kilobyte is 1000 bytes. That’s because it’s a bit simpler for us humans to think in terms of round numbers like 1000 instead of 1024.

What Is A Gibibyte (GiB)?

A gibibyte (GiB) is a unit of digital information storage that is closely related to the terabyte.

One gibibyte equals 230 or 1,073,741,824 bytes.

The prefix “gibi” is derived from a combination of “giga” (meaning billion) and “binary,” emphasizing its binary-based nature. The term “gibibyte” was introduced in 1998 by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to address the discrepancy between decimal-based storage capacities (such as gigabyte) and the binary-based calculations used by computers.

The need for the gibibyte arose due to the difference in interpretation between the decimal system (base 10) and the binary system (base 2). In decimal terms, a gigabyte (GB) is equivalent to 1,000,000,000 bytes, whereas in binary terms, it is equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes. This inconsistency caused confusion when measuring storage capacities, especially as data storage devices grew larger and more prevalent.

To rectify this, the IEC introduced the binary-based prefixes, including the gibibyte (GiB), mebibyte (MiB), and kibibyte (KiB), to provide a clear distinction between decimal and binary measurements. These binary-based units are commonly used in computer science, software development, and other fields that require precise calculations of digital storage capacities.

Since its introduction, the gibibyte has become widely accepted and used in various technical contexts, providing a more accurate and unambiguous measure of storage capacity in binary terms.

Kilobytes to Gibibytes Conversion Chart

Kilobytes (KB)Gibibytes (GiB)
1 KB9.3132257461548E-7 GiB
2 KB1.862645149231E-6 GiB
3 KB2.7939677238464E-6 GiB
4 KB3.7252902984619E-6 GiB
5 KB4.6566128730774E-6 GiB
6 KB5.5879354476929E-6 GiB
7 KB6.5192580223083E-6 GiB
8 KB7.4505805969238E-6 GiB
9 KB8.3819031715393E-6 GiB
10 KB9.3132257461548E-6 GiB
11 KB1.024454832077E-5 GiB
12 KB1.1175870895386E-5 GiB
13 KB1.2107193470001E-5 GiB
14 KB1.3038516044617E-5 GiB
15 KB1.3969838619232E-5 GiB
16 KB1.4901161193848E-5 GiB
17 KB1.5832483768463E-5 GiB
18 KB1.6763806343079E-5 GiB
19 KB1.7695128917694E-5 GiB
20 KB1.862645149231E-5 GiB
21 KB1.9557774066925E-5 GiB
22 KB2.0489096641541E-5 GiB
23 KB2.1420419216156E-5 GiB
24 KB2.2351741790771E-5 GiB
25 KB2.3283064365387E-5 GiB
26 KB2.4214386940002E-5 GiB
27 KB2.5145709514618E-5 GiB
28 KB2.6077032089233E-5 GiB
29 KB2.7008354663849E-5 GiB
30 KB2.7939677238464E-5 GiB
31 KB2.887099981308E-5 GiB
32 KB2.9802322387695E-5 GiB
33 KB3.0733644962311E-5 GiB
34 KB3.1664967536926E-5 GiB
35 KB3.2596290111542E-5 GiB
36 KB3.3527612686157E-5 GiB
37 KB3.4458935260773E-5 GiB
38 KB3.5390257835388E-5 GiB
39 KB3.6321580410004E-5 GiB
40 KB3.7252902984619E-5 GiB
41 KB3.8184225559235E-5 GiB
42 KB3.911554813385E-5 GiB
43 KB4.0046870708466E-5 GiB
44 KB4.0978193283081E-5 GiB
45 KB4.1909515857697E-5 GiB
46 KB4.2840838432312E-5 GiB
47 KB4.3772161006927E-5 GiB
48 KB4.4703483581543E-5 GiB
49 KB4.5634806156158E-5 GiB
50 KB4.6566128730774E-5 GiB
Kilobytes (KB)Gibibytes (GiB)
1000 KB0.00093132257461548 GiB
2000 KB0.001862645149231 GiB
3000 KB0.0027939677238464 GiB
4000 KB0.0037252902984619 GiB
5000 KB0.0046566128730774 GiB
6000 KB0.0055879354476929 GiB
7000 KB0.0065192580223083 GiB
8000 KB0.0074505805969238 GiB
9000 KB0.0083819031715393 GiB
10000 KB0.0093132257461548 GiB
11000 KB0.01024454832077 GiB
12000 KB0.011175870895386 GiB
13000 KB0.012107193470001 GiB
14000 KB0.013038516044617 GiB
15000 KB0.013969838619232 GiB
16000 KB0.014901161193848 GiB
17000 KB0.015832483768463 GiB
18000 KB0.016763806343079 GiB
19000 KB0.017695128917694 GiB
20000 KB0.01862645149231 GiB
21000 KB0.019557774066925 GiB
22000 KB0.020489096641541 GiB
23000 KB0.021420419216156 GiB
24000 KB0.022351741790771 GiB
25000 KB0.023283064365387 GiB
26000 KB0.024214386940002 GiB
27000 KB0.025145709514618 GiB
28000 KB0.026077032089233 GiB
29000 KB0.027008354663849 GiB
30000 KB0.027939677238464 GiB
31000 KB0.02887099981308 GiB
32000 KB0.029802322387695 GiB
33000 KB0.030733644962311 GiB
34000 KB0.031664967536926 GiB
35000 KB0.032596290111542 GiB
36000 KB0.033527612686157 GiB
37000 KB0.034458935260773 GiB
38000 KB0.035390257835388 GiB
39000 KB0.036321580410004 GiB
40000 KB0.037252902984619 GiB
41000 KB0.038184225559235 GiB
42000 KB0.03911554813385 GiB
43000 KB0.040046870708466 GiB
44000 KB0.040978193283081 GiB
45000 KB0.041909515857697 GiB
46000 KB0.042840838432312 GiB
47000 KB0.043772161006927 GiB
48000 KB0.044703483581543 GiB
49000 KB0.045634806156158 GiB
50000 KB0.046566128730774 GiB