Below is a simple conversion tool that allows you to convert Kilobytes (KB) to Kibibytes (KiB).

Simply enter the Kilobytes (KB) value into the first field and press the “convert” button to convert to Kibibytes (KiB)

Definition of a Kilobyte

A kilobyte (KB) is like a small digital box that can hold a certain amount of information. In most cases, it can hold about 1024 tiny pieces of information. These tiny pieces of information is called “bytes”.

1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes ( Kilobyte in SI and base 10 (decimal) )


1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes ( Kilobyte in base 2 (binary) )

But why 1024, you ask?

Well, computers use a binary system, which means everything is based on powers of 2, and 1024 is 2 raised to the power of 10.

Now, sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with internet speeds or hard drive sizes, people might say a kilobyte is 1000 bytes. That’s because it’s a bit simpler for us humans to think in terms of round numbers like 1000 instead of 1024.

What is a Kibibyte (KiB)?

A kibibyte, often abbreviated as KiB, is a unit of digital information storage capacity. It is commonly used in computing and digital systems to measure the amount of data. The kibibyte is part of a binary-based system of measurement known as the International System of Units (SI).

To understand the concept of a kibibyte, it’s helpful to first understand the binary system. In binary, each digit can be either a 0 or a 1, and data is stored and processed in powers of 2.

A kibibyte is equal to 1024 bytes. The prefix “kibi” is derived from the words “kilo binary,” and it signifies the binary-based measurement. It is important to note that a kibibyte is different from a kilobyte (KB) in the decimal-based system, which equals 1000 bytes.

The use of kibibytes is particularly common in computing contexts, such as memory and storage capacities of computer systems. It provides a more precise and accurate representation of data size in binary form, as the binary system aligns more naturally with the internal workings of computers.

For example, when you see that a file size is 512 KiB, it means the file occupies 512 times 1024 bytes, or 524,288 bytes. This distinction becomes significant when dealing with larger data sizes, as the binary-based measurement allows for more precise calculations and representation of the actual storage or memory space.

Kilobytes (KB to Kibibytes (KiB) Conversion Chart

Kilobytes (KB)Kibibytes (KiB)
1 KB0.9765625 KiB
2 KB1.953125 KiB
3 KB2.9296875 KiB
4 KB3.90625 KiB
5 KB4.8828125 KiB
6 KB5.859375 KiB
7 KB6.8359375 KiB
8 KB7.8125 KiB
9 KB8.7890625 KiB
10 KB9.765625 KiB
11 KB10.7421875 KiB
12 KB11.71875 KiB
13 KB12.6953125 KiB
14 KB13.671875 KiB
15 KB14.6484375 KiB
16 KB15.625 KiB
17 KB16.6015625 KiB
18 KB17.578125 KiB
19 KB18.5546875 KiB
20 KB19.53125 KiB
21 KB20.5078125 KiB
22 KB21.484375 KiB
23 KB22.4609375 KiB
24 KB23.4375 KiB
25 KB24.4140625 KiB
26 KB25.390625 KiB
27 KB26.3671875 KiB
28 KB27.34375 KiB
29 KB28.3203125 KiB
30 KB29.296875 KiB
31 KB30.2734375 KiB
32 KB31.25 KiB
33 KB32.2265625 KiB
34 KB33.203125 KiB
35 KB34.1796875 KiB
36 KB35.15625 KiB
37 KB36.1328125 KiB
38 KB37.109375 KiB
39 KB38.0859375 KiB
40 KB39.0625 KiB
41 KB40.0390625 KiB
42 KB41.015625 KiB
43 KB41.9921875 KiB
44 KB42.96875 KiB
45 KB43.9453125 KiB
46 KB44.921875 KiB
47 KB45.8984375 KiB
48 KB46.875 KiB
49 KB47.8515625 KiB
50 KB48.828125 KiB
Kilobytes (KB)Kibibytes (KiB)
51 KB49.8046875 KiB
52 KB50.78125 KiB
53 KB51.7578125 KiB
54 KB52.734375 KiB
55 KB53.7109375 KiB
56 KB54.6875 KiB
57 KB55.6640625 KiB
58 KB56.640625 KiB
59 KB57.6171875 KiB
60 KB58.59375 KiB
61 KB59.5703125 KiB
62 KB60.546875 KiB
63 KB61.5234375 KiB
64 KB62.5 KiB
65 KB63.4765625 KiB
66 KB64.453125 KiB
67 KB65.4296875 KiB
68 KB66.40625 KiB
69 KB67.3828125 KiB
70 KB68.359375 KiB
71 KB69.3359375 KiB
72 KB70.3125 KiB
73 KB71.2890625 KiB
74 KB72.265625 KiB
75 KB73.2421875 KiB
76 KB74.21875 KiB
77 KB75.1953125 KiB
78 KB76.171875 KiB
79 KB77.1484375 KiB
80 KB78.125 KiB
81 KB79.1015625 KiB
82 KB80.078125 KiB
83 KB81.0546875 KiB
84 KB82.03125 KiB
85 KB83.0078125 KiB
86 KB83.984375 KiB
87 KB84.9609375 KiB
88 KB85.9375 KiB
89 KB86.9140625 KiB
90 KB87.890625 KiB
91 KB88.8671875 KiB
92 KB89.84375 KiB
93 KB90.8203125 KiB
94 KB91.796875 KiB
95 KB92.7734375 KiB
96 KB93.75 KiB
97 KB94.7265625 KiB
98 KB95.703125 KiB
99 KB96.6796875 KiB
100 KB97.65625 KiB