tip_hp-5090686Tip: You might first want to download the latest drivers from the D-Link Taiwan Web site.

[Thanks to Tom Haas for this procedure!]

1) Reset your AP

2) Open the NIC config utility and reset your NIC to default settings.

3) Start AP-Manager SW

4) Click FILE on the menu bar, then Build from Network. If the AP was found hit the NEXT button, else Add your AP manually.  (Sometimes the Manager-SW finds it, sometimes not).  Fill in a (E)SSID.

tip_hp-5090686Tip: The DHCP client feature may take up to 5 minutes to automatically obtain a IP address for the DWL from a DHCP server on your network.  If you’re having trouble reaching the DWL, just try power cycling the DWL, then waiting about 5 minutes before running the AP Manager.

5) Switch to NIC config utility: Change (E)SSID to same string.

6) AP-Manager, Right hand side
Activate Use Access Control
Add your NIC’s MAC address
Use Menu FILE – Commit to Network

tip_hp-5090686Tip: If you use Step 6, you need to repeat it for every wireless client that you add to your network.  You may wish to skip this step.

7) Switch to NIC config utility.  Generate a hex key out of a Passphrase. Note the hex key, but don’t enable it until later.

tip_hp-5090686Tip: You can also enter a 10 character WEP key directly without using the passphrase

8) Switch to the AP Manager.  Click on Enable IEEE 40 bit Shared Key Value.  Change key, by typing in the hex key generated in the NIC config utility.
Note: Don’t use the passphrase option.
Menu FILE – Commit to Network.
You will see a SNMP error msg – Ignore it.

9) Switch to the NIC setup utility:
Enable 64-bit Encryption.
Make sure you use the same key
Hit the Apply button.

Happy wireless networking!