1. I’m having trouble with a Linksys router.

  2. I’m having trouble with a UMAX/MaxGate router.

  3. I need help with a Netgear router.

  4. I need help with a ZyXEL router.

  5. I need help with an Asante FriendlyNet or SMC Barricade router.

  6. I’m using a UMAX UGate Plus and all of my computers have lost contact with the Internet.

  7. I’m trying to ping a machine behind a SonicWall router.

  8. I have a hardware router and can’t get any of the computers to connect (or keep a connection) to RoadRunner!

  9. I have a UMAX UGate Plus and can’t get any of the computers to connect (or keep a connection) to my ISP!

  10. I’m using a hardware router and can browse the web ok, but can’t send or receive email, or get news from the Client computers.
    This is a frequent problem for @Home users.

  11. UMAX UGate Plus – IRC IDENT function doesn’t work.

  12. I’m having trouble getting ICQ to work.

  13. I’m an @HOME user and using a hardware router.
    I can’t reach the “http://www/” startup page.

  14. I can’t get an application to work right from a Client computer (Special Applications)

  15. I’m trying to get a PPTP connection to work.

  16. I’m trying to get a VPN connection to work.

  17. My hub, switch, or router doesn’t have an “Uplink” port. How can I expand it?

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  19. How can I share a DSL PPPoA connection?

  20. My router is making a hissing sound!  Is it going to blow up?

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