For DSL users who don’t have multiple IP addresses, you can use the cable modem path through the site and probably get most of what you need to know.

 PPPoE: If you have a DSL connection, chances are you’ll need to wrestle with PPPoE as part of your sharing setup process.  Go to this page for more info.


 PPPoA: You may be one of the lucky few whose BSP uses this protocol.  If you’re also using a 3Com Dual Link ADSL modem, then you’ll definitely want to read Brian Barrera’s story!

There are only a few routers that will handle this protocol. The 2Wire 1500C & CW are two of them. [Thnx Eric!]

 If you have a DSL modem with a USB connection, you won’t be able to use a separate hardware router, and will have to use the software sharing method, or get a combination DSL modem/router.  Go here for an explanation.


September 2001
Draytek informed us that they are conducting trials with BellSouth and that the trials are going well.  It’s possible that the Vigor2200USB could be offered as on option with BellSouth ADSL service that uses a USB ADSL modem.

May 2001
Draytek‘s recently introduced Vigor2200USB, slated to start shipments to European customers in September, supports the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ONLY. The company is considering adding more DSL modems to the list, but has no plans to offer the product in the US, but just for E.C. residents only!  If you’d like to try to change their opinion, contact them at!

 If you have an internal DSL modem, you won’t be able to use a hardware router, and will have to use the software sharing method. Reason is that the internal modem connects to your computer directly and a hardware router needs to connect to a broadband modem via an Ethernet connection.

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