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Below is a simple conversion tool that allows you to convert Terabytes (TB) to Megabyte (MB).

Simply enter the Terabytes (TB) value into the first field and press the “convert” button to convert to Megabyte (MB).

What is a Terabyte (TB)?

A terabyte (TB) is a unit of digital information storage commonly used to measure large amounts of data. It represents approximately one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) bytes in decimal form or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes in binary form, where each byte consists of 8 bits.

To put it into perspective, a terabyte can hold a significant amount of data, equivalent to around 500 hours of high-definition video, hundreds of thousands of photos, or millions of documents.

It is a measurement that illustrates the vast capacity of modern data storage systems and is frequently encountered in discussions about hard drives, solid-state drives, cloud storage, and other forms of digital storage media.

Definition of a Megabyte (MB)

A Megabyte (MB) is a unit of digital information storage capacity. It represents a measure of approximately one million bytes. In terms of binary representation, a Megabyte is equal to 2^20 bytes, which is 1,048,576 bytes.

A Megabyte is used to measure the capacity of various storage devices, such as computer memory (RAM) modules and smaller storage mediums like floppy disks and early-generation USB flash drives. It provides an estimation of how much data these devices can hold.

Additionally, a Megabyte is used to measure the size of digital files and data transfer rates. It helps to determine the file size and transmission speed for various types of data. For instance, when downloading files from the internet, the transfer speed may be measured in Megabytes per second (MB/s).

Similarly, the size of digital files, such as documents, images, and songs, can be expressed in Megabytes. This measurement is especially useful when considering file storage limitations or when estimating download times.

Terabytes vs Megabytes

Terabytes (TB)Megabytes (MB)
1012 bytes (base 10)106 bytes (base 10)
10004 bytes10002 bytes
1,000,000,000,000 bytes1,000,000 bytes
240 bytes (base 2)220 bytes (base 2)
1,099,511,627,776 bytes1,048,576 bytes
1,000,000,000,000 × 8 bits1,000,000 × 8 bits
8,000,000,000,000 bits8,000,000 bits

Terabyte (TB) to Megabyte (MB) Conversion Chart

Terabytes (TB)Megabytes (MB) decimalMegabytes (MB) binary
1 TB1,000,000 MB1,048,576 MB
2 TB2,000,000 MB2,097,152 MB
3 TB3,000,000 MB3,145,728 MB
4 TB4,000,000 MB4,194,304 MB
5 TB5,000,000 MB5,242,880 MB
6 TB6,000,000 MB6,291,456 MB
7 TB7,000,000 MB7,340,032 MB
8 TB8,000,000 MB8,388,608 MB
9 TB9,000,000 MB9,437,184 MB
10 TB10,000,000 MB10,485,760 MB
11 TB11,000,000 MB11,534,336 MB
12 TB12,000,000 MB12,582,912 MB
13 TB13,000,000 MB13,631,488 MB
14 TB14,000,000 MB14,680,064 MB
15 TB15,000,000 MB15,728,640 MB
16 TB16,000,000 MB16,777,216 MB
17 TB17,000,000 MB17,825,792 MB
18 TB18,000,000 MB18,874,368 MB
19 TB19,000,000 MB19,922,944 MB
20 TB20,000,000 MB20,971,520 MB
21 TB21,000,000 MB22,020,096 MB
22 TB22,000,000 MB23,068,672 MB
23 TB23,000,000 MB24,117,248 MB
24 TB24,000,000 MB25,165,824 MB
25 TB25,000,000 MB26,214,400 MB
26 TB26,000,000 MB27,262,976 MB
27 TB27,000,000 MB28,311,552 MB
28 TB28,000,000 MB29,360,128 MB
29 TB29,000,000 MB30,408,704 MB
30 TB30,000,000 MB31,457,280 MB
31 TB31,000,000 MB32,505,856 MB
32 TB32,000,000 MB33,554,432 MB
33 TB33,000,000 MB34,603,008 MB
34 TB34,000,000 MB35,651,584 MB
35 TB35,000,000 MB36,700,160 MB
36 TB36,000,000 MB37,748,736 MB
37 TB37,000,000 MB38,797,312 MB
38 TB38,000,000 MB39,845,888 MB
39 TB39,000,000 MB40,894,464 MB
40 TB40,000,000 MB41,943,040 MB
41 TB41,000,000 MB42,991,616 MB
42 TB42,000,000 MB44,040,192 MB
43 TB43,000,000 MB45,088,768 MB
44 TB44,000,000 MB46,137,344 MB
45 TB45,000,000 MB47,185,920 MB
46 TB46,000,000 MB48,234,496 MB
47 TB47,000,000 MB49,283,072 MB
48 TB48,000,000 MB50,331,648 MB
49 TB49,000,000 MB51,380,224 MB
50 TB50,000,000 MB52,428,800 MB
51 TB51,000,000 MB53,477,376 MB
52 TB52,000,000 MB54,525,952 MB
53 TB53,000,000 MB55,574,528 MB
54 TB54,000,000 MB56,623,104 MB
55 TB55,000,000 MB57,671,680 MB
56 TB56,000,000 MB58,720,256 MB
57 TB57,000,000 MB59,768,832 MB
58 TB58,000,000 MB60,817,408 MB
59 TB59,000,000 MB61,865,984 MB
60 TB60,000,000 MB62,914,560 MB
61 TB61,000,000 MB63,963,136 MB
62 TB62,000,000 MB65,011,712 MB
63 TB63,000,000 MB66,060,288 MB
64 TB64,000,000 MB67,108,864 MB
65 TB65,000,000 MB68,157,440 MB
66 TB66,000,000 MB69,206,016 MB
67 TB67,000,000 MB70,254,592 MB
68 TB68,000,000 MB71,303,168 MB
69 TB69,000,000 MB72,351,744 MB
70 TB70,000,000 MB73,400,320 MB
71 TB71,000,000 MB74,448,896 MB
72 TB72,000,000 MB75,497,472 MB
73 TB73,000,000 MB76,546,048 MB
74 TB74,000,000 MB77,594,624 MB
75 TB75,000,000 MB78,643,200 MB
76 TB76,000,000 MB79,691,776 MB
77 TB77,000,000 MB80,740,352 MB
78 TB78,000,000 MB81,788,928 MB
79 TB79,000,000 MB82,837,504 MB
80 TB80,000,000 MB83,886,080 MB
81 TB81,000,000 MB84,934,656 MB
82 TB82,000,000 MB85,983,232 MB
83 TB83,000,000 MB87,031,808 MB
84 TB84,000,000 MB88,080,384 MB
85 TB85,000,000 MB89,128,960 MB
86 TB86,000,000 MB90,177,536 MB
87 TB87,000,000 MB91,226,112 MB
88 TB88,000,000 MB92,274,688 MB
89 TB89,000,000 MB93,323,264 MB
90 TB90,000,000 MB94,371,840 MB
91 TB91,000,000 MB95,420,416 MB
92 TB92,000,000 MB96,468,992 MB
93 TB93,000,000 MB97,517,568 MB
94 TB94,000,000 MB98,566,144 MB
95 TB95,000,000 MB99,614,720 MB
96 TB96,000,000 MB100,663,296 MB
97 TB97,000,000 MB101,711,872 MB
98 TB98,000,000 MB102,760,448 MB
99 TB99,000,000 MB103,809,024 MB
100 TB100,000,000 MB104,857,600 MB