By Alan MillerApril 24, 2002

Configuring your system to use NetBEUI on Windows 2000 is quite different from configuring the same thing on Windows 98.

1) Add the NetBEUI protocol if you don’t already have it installed.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to “My Computer |Control Panel |Network and Dial-up Connections.”

You should see one or more “Local Area Connection” entries, right-click on the first one and select Properties. (Note: If there’s more than one, you may need to repeat these steps for each of them.)

The list in the middle of the Properties window should include an entry NetBEUI Protocol with a check mark next to it. If it’s listed but with the box unchecked, check it. Now skip on to Step 2.

If NetBEUI isn’t on the list, click on the Install button. In the popup window select Protocol, then click Add…. Select Microsoft from the Manufacturers list, then select NetBEUI Protocol and click OK.

You should now have “NetBEUI Protocol” listed in the Local Area Connection Properties window with a checkmark next to it.

2) Set Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing to only use NetBEUI

If you still have the Local Area Connection Properties window open, click OK to close it and get back to the Windows Explorer window. If you’re prompted to restart go ahead and do so.

At the top of the Windows Explorer window is an Advanced menu. From that menu, select Advanced Settings.

On the Adapters and Bindings tab of the Advanced Settings window, select Local Area Connection in the top list.

In the bottom list, there should be entries for “Client for Microsoft Networks” and “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks,” both with checkmarks next to them.

Under each of those, all of the protocols available should be listed – generally “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and “NetBEUI Protocol.” Make sure there’s a checkmark next to NetBEUI Protocol for each, and that there’s not one next to “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” for any of them.

Click OK to close the Advanced Settings window, and you should be all set!

After you’re done

If you have multiple Local Area Connection entries, you may need to open the Properties for each one and turn on the NetBEUI Protocol for each. After doing this (if needed), you can repeat Step 2 above so the “… for Microsoft Networks” entries are only connected to the NetBEUI Protocol.

It may not be necessary to change all connections – for example, Sony PCs may have a Local Area Connection entry for the device “Sony i.LINK(1394) Adapter,” which is the FireWire connector that is probably only being used for connecting external drives or cameras and not for connecting to other computers.

Similarly, if you have a wireless network card, you shouldn’t have the NetBEUI Protocol checked at all for that card – only TCP/IP. Since you only have one Protocol connected for the card, you can simply uncheck the “… for Microsoft Networks” entries in the Local Area Connection properties for the card – you don’t have to do it through Advanced Settings.