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Audio and Video
Audiogalaxy Satelliteaudiogalaxy.icsNapster wannabe.Bill Finch Jr.
Cameradescamerades.icsOnline community for everyone who’s interested in or has an online camera.Mike Gudowski
CuteMxcutemx.icsSimilar to Napster, but not MP3 specific.Jeremy Stiltz
Gnutellagnutella.icsUser to user file search and exchange.John Morgan
IStreamVideo2HPIStreamVideo2HP.icsWebcam/webpageStephen Rice
KaZaAkazaa.icsPeer-to-Peer file sharingMark & Jan Ludolf
Napsternapster.icsMP3 file search and downloadDavid Gray
QuickTime 4 streamsQuickTimeStream.icsQuick Time 4 StreamingBob Kearns
Shoutcast (server)
shoutcast.icsWinamp’s MP3 based radio.
This mapping allows a Shoutcast server to work on an ICS client.
Robert Chapin
Windowsmedia.icsWindows Media playerShane Winegard
About TimeAboutTime.icsTime sync utilityJohan Klos
Email serverEmail_Server.icsPOP and SMTP serversDon Kiiskila
Deerfield MDaemon Email serverMDaemon.icsEmail serverLee Ryman