Internet Connection and File Sharing

Sharing Methods:

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Proxy softwre
NAT/Windows ICS

Multiple IP addresses


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ICS in Windows 98SE -Installation
ICS in Windows ME – Installation
ICS in Windows 2000 – Installation
ICS in Windows 2000 – Installation with broadband
ICS Troubleshooting

Map ports through ICS with ICS Configuration for Windows 98SE/ME


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Mac Internet Sharing Solutions
Mac TCP configuration
Mac and Windows PC sharing clients
File sharing even with Mac connected to broadband


Linux/Unix Sharing Solutions

Connection Types:

Sharing Satellite Broadband (DirecPC)
Sharing Cable/DSL Connection
Sharing DSL Connection

Sharing Dial-up

Client Configuration

Configure clients for Proxy or NAT-based sharing

LAN Setup

Adding a second Network Interface Card with Internal broadband modems
Installing TCP/IP
Testing TCP/IP
Using a DHCP Server
Switching TCP/IP settings easily
Proxy Setup Summary

Special Applications

Handling Special Applications — any program that doesn’t work with the default settings of your Internet sharing method
Opening Ports
Port List

Other Info