We’ve come across so many handy tools over the years that we’ve been having trouble keeping track of them!  So we’ve decided to pull them together into one spot for easy access.

New submissions are always welcome.  Just drop us a note!


Port Mapping / Forwarding




ICS Configuration

If you use Win98SE’s ICS and need to forward ports, you’ll need this!

ICS Configuration Maps

The mappings to go along with ICS Configuration

BIG List o’ ports

All the ports you’d want to know.
Caution! Its one large (386K) page.

Application port list

Don’t know which ports your application uses? Try this list.

Masq Applications

Running Linux “Masq” (Masquerade)? This site has all sorts of info to help you get your application working.
[Thanks to abriko for the tip!]



Linksys Router Utilities




Linksys Logger

By Jon MacKay for Linux/OpenBSD. Written in Java so it’s platform independent, this app has no GUI, but writes incoming and outgoing requests to two log files. It is realeased under the GPL.

DSL Router Tool
[dsltool.zip 2.1Mb]

This VB program written by Don Mankin attempts to simplify the tasks of opening ports on the Linksys DSL router. You can use GUI mode or command line mode. Ports can be scheduled to be locked or unlocked manually, or automatically at certain times of the day. If you use the command line mode, you can use WINAT or another scheduler to create more elaborate schedules.  Tested with v1.35 firmware.

IP Poster

The IP Poster will automatically check the IP address that your ISP’s DHCP server has assigned to your Linksys Router and post the results to the site of your choice using FTP.

Link Logger

Log display and analysis tool for all Linksys routers.  Costs $22, but has free 30 day evaluation version.

PPPoE Alive

Try this if the 1.36 firmware doesn’t keep you connected.

Router Rooter

Router Rooter is a FREE utility that listens to broadcast SNMP messages from the Linksys BEFSR41. Think of it as a VERY simple sniffer for your Linksys Router.


This is a FREE utility program for the Linksys® EtherFast Cable/DSL Router models BEFSR11, BEFSRU31 and BEFSR41. It displays the SNMP messages broadcast by the router and will record these messages in daily log files. InstallShield® performs the installation and un-installation.


FREE log viewing utility by Dan Tseng for the Linksys® EtherFast Cable/DSL Router. Runs on Win98, 98SE, NT4, and 2000. Works with any Linksys routers that support SNMP logging, which includes BEFSR11, 41, 81, among others, with firmware rev 1.36 or higher.  Also includes utility to review saved logs and nice little IP/URL lookup utility.



Other Router Utilities




Windows app written by Norbert Desautels will grab the log files from an AMIT based router (SMC Barricade, Asante FriendlyNet, 3Com Home Ethernet gateway), save them to a file and display them in a viewer.  Tested only with SMC routers and with 1.92a and above firmware.

IPMailer V1.5

This little Windows app. written by Travis Watford will email your router’s WAN IP address when it changes to an email address of your choice.  You can even email a list of addresses.  Make sure you fill in the email information before you have it send you the IP or it’ll hang.
– Works for all Linksys routers
– Works for all SMC Barricades
– Works for MaxGate UG3200
– Works for Nexland ISB2LAN
– Works for DLink DI-704

View the ReadMe for V1.5

RnR Report Gen

RnR ReportGen for SonicWALL creates reports based on users Internet activity. It takes the logs created by a SonicWALL Firewall and displays a user selected report in a web browser. Logs are read from a tab delimited file that has been created in the WELF format by Kiwi’s Syslog DaemonThere’s a version for GNATBox, too!


Dynamic IP and DNS





Free little utility from TZO.com that tells you the WAN IP of the computer that it runs on.

Port Detective

Also from TZO.  Tells you which common ports are available or in use.

Dynamic DNS services

Needs to keep a domain name tied to a changing IP address?  Check out this guide.



Remote Control / File Sharing Applications





VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It’s a FREE remote display system which allows you to view a computing ‘desktop’ environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures. (No file transfer capability, however.)

Remote Anything

RA (Remote-Anything) allows you to use or supervise any distant PC via a network
access, dial-up, cable, or the Internet -as if you were there- and without disturbing
distant users. Run and use any DOS and Windows program, transfer files (drag & drop),
get passwords of the distant PC, reboot, lock it up, and much more!

Much cheaper than pcAnywhere or Timbuktu at $49 for one Master and one Slave license.