If you are seeing the Virgin Media Error Code C133 it will be accompanied by the error message “There was a problem connecting to the Virgin Media Service.” 

This error message generally means that there is a problem at Virgin Media and not with your equipment.

What does Virgin Media Error Code C133 Mean?

The Virgin TV error code C133 is accompanied by the phrase “there was a difficulty connecting to Virgin Media service,” which means that all channels are off and that Virgin TV services are most likely down.

Some subscribers may view a limited number of channels when this error message appears, while others will get entirely blank screens on their Virgin TVs.

What is the current Virgin Media status?

If you are seeing this error message it may mean that the Virgin Media TV services are down.

A good place to check if there is a widespread problem is to visit Downdetector, this is a popular website to check if websites, internet services providers and apps are down.

Alternatively you can check the Virgin Media Twitter account to see if there is a problem and when they expect to have resolved it.

How To Get TV Channels Back When Virgin Media Error Code C133 Occurs

Once the problem is resolved Virgin Media recommends that you reboot your TV set top box to recover any lost channels.

How to Reboot Virgin Media Set Top Box

On the back of the TV box is a power button, turn this to the off position for about 2 minutes.

Turn the set top box back on after the set top box has powered down.

The next step is to reconnect to your Virgin Media Services

To do this use your Virgin TV remote control:

  • Select the home button
  • Select Help & Settings
  • Select Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Connection in progress: get status or Connect to the Virgin Media Service now

If you are still having difficulties in recovering TV services after Error Code C133 here are few more things to check.

Check All Cables and WiFi Connections

  1. Check your HDMI cable is connected to the TV and the TV Set Top Box
  2. Check the cables are not broken or frayed
  3. Check your Set Top Box Is Connected to the Modem/Router
  4. Reboot Virgin Media Router/Modem

Contact Virgin Media Customer Support

If you are still having difficulty getting your Virgin Media TV services back after Error Code C133 you will need to contact customer services