This page will help you if you’re having trouble getting ICS to work at all, or trying to get it to handle a particular program.  There are also links to other ICS help sites.

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I have a Win2000 ICS problemI can’t get ICS to work at all!

ICS is basically working, but I’ve got a specific problem.

Other ICS information sites.

ICS may not work with one-way cable modems or other “telco return” network devices.  See this Microsoft Article for more information.

See this page for instructions on setting up ICS for a DirecPC connection.

Try Sygate or Ositis’ WinProxy.

Microsoft has set up an Internet Connection Sharing Page that may help you get up and running or solve a particular problem.


  • 4/24/00 If you have PacBell DSL service and can’t connect you may have the Enternet PPPoE program set incorrectly.
    – First, make sure you have Enternet 1.3
    – Under Connections ->Settings, click the Advanced button.
    – Under IP configuration, change from default “Private API” to “Use DHCP“.
    [Thanks to Mike Berrow for this tip!]

  • 3/7/00 If you changed a network adapter (NIC, modem, etc.) and ICS stopped working you may be able to edit the Registry and avoid a Win98SE reinstall.  This tip may also work if you’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling ICS and it still won’t work.  Go here for the procedure.

  • 02/14/00 If you can’t get ICS to work and are going to try another method, make sure you uninstall ICS before trying to install any other sharing program or hardware solution.  ICS installs a Network adapter which will not play well with other sharing solutions!

    Make sure you uninstall ICS via the Add/Remove Control Panel.  It’s under Windows Setup – Internet Tools.  Don’t just delete the ICS Network adapter. (Thnx to Jerry Stewart for this tip.)

  • 02/14/00 If you’re having trouble getting ICS to install or re-install after you’ve uninstalled it, try this hint from Kent England of

Sometimes after you have un-installed ICS, you cannot get ICS to re-install from the Add/Remove Programs, Windows setup tab, Internet Tools, ICS item. Sometimes the Internet Connection Sharing option does not even show up. 

Find C:\windows\inf\ics.inf, right-click, and select “install”. This should force Windows to re-install ICS. Be sure to have your Win98SE CD handy, although you may be able to skip installing files because the uninstaller does not remove any/all files. Then again, this is a stuck uninstall, so no guarantees!

  • 02/14/00 If you’ve been trying to get ICS to work witih PPPoE, you’ve probably discovered that it doesn’t work very well. You can try the tricks on this page, but in general, ICS won’t work with PPPoE.
    Several readers have reported using the AnalogX proxy server instead, but as the name implies, it’s a proxy, not a NAT sharing program. If you want to use a NAT sharing program, try Sybergen’s Sygate.

  • 02/02/00 Try some of the ICS debugging info from the site. 

  • 11/3/99 This MS Article on troubleshooting ICS problems (Q238135) is a good place to start because it combines the information contained in many of the separate articles.

  • 11/3/99 Want to know what your Network Control Panel should look like after ICS gets finished messing around with it?  MS Article Q236465 – Description of How ICS Appears in Network Properties is just the ticket!

  • 10/6/99 Although it’s not an ICS problem specifically, some users experience problems shutting down their computers after they install Win98SE.  Check Microsoft Article Q238096 for some troubleshooting tips. 

  • 7/5/99 A number of users have reported that they don’t see the Sharing button on the Internet Control Panel Connections tab after they install ICS.
    Microsoft posted this solution as of July 1.

  • 6/18/99 A helpful reader clued me into a substitute RoadRunner login program from that may help if

    • you are a RR user, and

    • are using ICS, and

    • keep getting disconnected from your RR service.

  • 6/12/99 ICS puts all computers “behind” it, i.e. no computers are connected directly to the ISP.  This may be what is causing many problems that users are seeing.

ICS is basically working, but I have a specific problem!

  • 4/23/01 If you’re running ICS and keep getting disconnected from your cable or DSL BSP, you might try this registry tweak contributed by Alfred Sham.  He used it successfully with in Australia, but it might work for you, too.  The tweak opens UDP port ranges 1024-5049 and 5050-5049 in ICS.  If you’re uncomfortable running a registry tweak, you can use ICS Configuration to do the same thing.

  • 9/27/00 Trying to get an IPsec VPN connection working through ICS?  Forget it, since it’s not supported.

  • Update 9/3/01 If you’re having trouble getting mIRC to work, try Keith Gamard’s info or the mIRC Proxy/Firewall page.  Tim Jones also sends this tip that got him going:

This addresses issues specific to DalNET.

Once ICS works correctly for the client machine’s browser, open mIRC.exe on the SERVER’s machine. It doesn’t have to be connected to IRC, just running. The setting for Identd should be “Enable Identd server” = checked, and “Enable only when connecting” = blank.

mIRC on the SERVER acts as the Ident server for the CLIENTS. So, when the CLIENT machine uses mIRC to connect to DalNET, and DalNET polls port 113, the SERVER machine performs the handshake.

  • 4/20/00 If you’d like to be able to tell the ICS Server to drop its connection to the Internet from a Client computer, check out Twiga Limited’s free Remote Disconnection Utility.

  • 3/23/00 If you have a cable modem connection and:

    • ICS keeps dropping your ISP connection, or 

    • you are experiencing much slower performance than you had without ICS, or

    • you’ve used any sort of “speed booster” or “MTU tweak” programcheck this page.

  • 3/7/00 Having trouble getting AOL to work? Check the ICS Control panel and make sure that the “Connect to the Internet Using” selection is set to “AOL Adapter” and not “AOL Dial-up Adapter“.

  • 01/06/00 also has some useful downloads for mapping ports and fixing ICS installation problems.

  • 01/06/00 This ICS installation information from tells you which protocol translation modules and port mappings are installed with ICS.

  • 10/20/99 Trying to map ports in ICS? There’s an easier way!
    Try ICS Configuration!

  • 10/3/99 If you’d rather open up specific ports through ICS for servers and other applications the hard way, check this MS article (Q231162).

  • 10/3/99 Trying to set up a Microsoft VPN (PPTP) connection? Make sure you do it from a Client computer and not the ICS Server. Check this MS article (Q234773).
    Also, help for setting up a PPTP connection through a router (including ICS) is available here.

  • 7/24/99 Some people can’t get email to work on an ICS client.  A common cause of this problem actually isn’t unique to ICS.  You can find the solution here.

  • 6/13/99 If you’re using a high speed Internet connection like a cable modem or DSL and your speed seems slow, follow the instructions in this article (Q230116).   NOTE that this fix is NOT for dialup modem users.

  • 6/13/99 If you’re having a tough time getting ICS to drop a dialup connection initiated by an ICS client, check this procedure (a tip of the hat to Theodore Sawyer who killed a few brain cells solving this one!)

  • 6/12/99 If you are using ICS over a dialup connection (this includes ISDN and some DSL connections), connections started from ICS client machines may not timeout after the period you have set in your dialup profile.  (Connections started from the computer running ICS seem to be ok.)
    See “Connection Timeout Settings, Client side” on Keith Gamard’s page for a fix.

I have a Win2000 ICS problem

  • 1/15/01 Trouble connecting with PacBell DSL with EnterNet 1.4 on Windows 2000?
    EnterNet creates a new network connection (“Local Area Connection 2”) in Control Panel which represents the PPPoE adapter. This is in addition to “Local Area Connection” that represents the NIC. Make sure you share the s”Local Area Connection 2″, and not the NIC.
    [Thanks to Riyadh Mamedov for this tip!]
  • 9/27/00 Trying to get an IPsec VPN connection working through ICS?  Forget it, since it’s not supported.
  • 7/8/00 Try Keith Gamard’s Win2000 ICS setup walkthrough.
  • First try the Microsoft on-line documentation for ICS.
  • 3/25/00 Trying to map a port?
    Win2000 has a built-in port mapping capability.  Follow the instructions in this Microsoft on-line documentation.
  • 3/9/00 Can’t find ICS?
    If you are using a cable or DSL modem, you need to install a second Ethernet adapter before you’ll see ICS.  It appears as a “Sharing” tab in the “Local Area Connection” properties of your Ethernet adapter.

    For Dial-up connections, it appears in the Dial-up Networking profile properties.

  • 3/9/00 If you’re trying to run ICS on a Win2000 Server, you may have conflicts between ICS’ DHCP and Win2000 Server’s DHCP. See MS Article Q250603 for more info.

Other ICS Information sites