HappyMod is a beast when it comes to offering free android app mods.

It’s a platform used by over 2.1 million users worldwide, where they can get their hands on 100% functional modded.apk apps and games for Android.

But the question people are asking, is HappyMod available for the iOS?

Unfortunately for iPhone, PowerMac, Powerbook, and iPad users, HappyMod is not available for iOS.

The fun stops with you guys. I’m sorry.

The HappyMod platform is for Android devices only. You can also download HappyMod to your PC, but definitely not your Mac.

This app is not yet available for iOS.

Is HappyMod Safe For iOS? NO!!!!

There are places were you can download HappyMod Mods for iOS, but these really are not safe for you to use. I recommend not entertaining these downloads at all. Potentially you can unleash a whole world of hate onto your iOS device if you do this.

There are a lot of undesirable people on the internet that want to take your money or install malware on your iOS devices. Don’t let them take advantage of you by offering access to Apps that simply do not exist or even work.

These fake links to HappyMod IOS versions may harm your device. So do not download this application from other sources.

When will HappyMod release a version for iOS?

There’s nothing solid just yet about a release date for HappyMod iOS.

Just wait patiently till HappyMod becomes available for the iOS version.

As soon as this iOS app becomes available, I’ll let you know.

Save this page, and I’ll provide the download link here whenever HappyMod releases an iOS version.