1. Ask the Wi-Fi Guy: Hotspot Sharing

  2. How do I set an 802.11b (WiFi) card to communicate with an Access Point?

  3. How do I set 802.11b (WiFi) card to communicate directly to another card without an Access Point?

  4. Can I mix older (2Mbps) 802.11 and newer (11Mbps) 802.11b cards and access points?

  5. I’m looking for help in setting up the ORiNOCO RG1000.

  6. How do I set up two Access Points so that they communicate with each other wirelessly?

  7. I can’t get my clients to work with a Symbol Technologies based Access Point (3COM, Ericsson, Intel) [Short RF Preamble problem].

  8. I’m looking for help in setting up the D-Link DWL-1000AP.

  9. Do I really need an Access Point to connect a wireless client into my Ethernet Network?

  10. What do I need to secure my wireless network?

  11. new_ani-7491915I’m having trouble with WinXP and an ORiNOCO Gold card.


WEP Problems

  1. Can I mix 40, 64 and 128 bit WEP cards in a network?

  2. I’m having trouble getting Encryption codes to work!

  3. I’m having trouble getting a Lucent based card to work with an SMC Wireless Barricade with WEP enabled.

  4. I’m having trouble getting an IBM based card to work with WEP enabled.

  5. I’m having trouble getting a Lucent based card to work with a D-Link DI-713 Wireless Router with WEP enabled.

  6. I’m having trouble getting my Apple AirPort card to talk to a non-Apple 802.11b wireless station with WEP enabled.

  7. I’m having trouble entering Hex WEP strings with the Summer 2001 software release.

  8. I’m confused about Open System and Shared Key authentication.



  1. Where can I get Webgear Aviator drivers?

  2. Where can I get MacOS drivers for my PRISMII 802.11b wireless PC card?

  3. I’m looking for Linux drivers for my 802.11b (WiFi) card or info on setting up wireless with Linux.

  4. I’m having trouble getting the Linksys WPC11 PC Card Linux drivers to work.

  5. I’m having trouble getting the SMC2632W PC Card Linux drivers to work.

  6. Can I get PPPoE to work on a Buffalo Technology Airstation?

  7. I need better drivers and setup stuff for the ORiNOCO RG1000 or other ORiNOCO products.

  8. new_ani-7491915Where can I get the firmware to upgrade Linksys’ WAP11 to handle wireless bridging?



  1. I’m looking for some good wireless networking articles.

  2. I’m not getting the range that I expected to (or that the manufacturer told me I’d get).

  3. I’m looking for Apple AirPort information.

  4. Which is better, products with Lucent chipsets or Intersil chipsets?

  5. I’m using a wireless card with a PCI adapter and get a very long delay when booting Win2000.

  6. new_ani-7491915Hey! My Access Point / Wireless Router has a funny connector on it (“RP” connectors).

  7. new_ani-7491915My Access Point / Wireless Router  is making a hissing sound!  Is it going to blow up?

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